Rankine Cycle

Rankine cycle is a heat engine with vapor power cycle. The common working fluid is water. The cycle consists of four processes:
Work output of the cycle (Steam turbine), W1 and work input to the cycle (Pump), W2 are:
	W1 = m (h1-h2)  
	W2 = m (h4-h3)  
where m is the mass flow of the cycle. Heat supplied to the cycle (boiler), Q1 and heat rejected from the cycle (condenser), Q2 are:
	Q1 = m (h1-h4)  
	Q2 = m (h2-h3)  

The net work output of the cycle is:
	W = W1 - W2 

The thermal efficiency of a Rankine cycle is:

The efficiency of the Rankine cycle is not as high as Carnot cycle but the cycle has less practical difficulties and more economic.
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